Why Do I Ski?

Skiing for some people is just a form of good ole fashion fun, but for others it is much more than just make a beautiful S in a blank canvas. Yes! Turning around looking at that perfect S shape in a fresh white canvas is exhilarating but I truly believe there is much more to it.

I am one of these people that finds a lot of peace in backcountry skiing and skiing in general. It is very hard to describe but when I click into my skis, there is just a certain since of freedom that comes over me. I honestly do not get this feeling any other time. There is so much going on in life but when it comes to skiing it is just me, my skis and the mountains. This why I truly love skiing! It is like an addiction for me but in a time where health care is not cheap, provides me with therapy to help me deal with my stress and other issues I deal with on a daily basis. I used to not look at skiing this way but then I took a step back and thought about all of the feelings I get from skinning or dropping in and it changed my outlook on skiing.



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